Our world

Do we really care about our world, or are we more concerned about our own day-to-day lives here in this downunder part of the planet. Sure, it’s tough trying to make ends meet and extremely tough for those with responsibilities, who don’t have a home and worry about theirs and their family’s future.

Whatever our current situation might be, we still need to be aware of what is happening to the world in which we live. I learned recently from an ABC Radio National programme that currently around the world there are 100 armed wars and conflicts currently happening. Thousands of innocent people are being killed, left homeless or having to flee their country as at today.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, our pollys are preparing for another National election by trying to find ways to win our votes and enable them the power and prestige many of them seek. We get concerned about the weather, our football teams and the rising prices at the supermarkets.

There was a news item this week which I believe to be of considerable international importance. It hasn’t had a lot of media coverage, due probably to Donald Trump’s trial and conviction along with ‘friendly’ games of soccer and the need for us all to buy electric cars.

The US President has given The Ukraine permission to use American weapons equipment and ammunition on targets inside Russia. Other European Nations, who are supplying Ukraine, are all seriously considering giving the same permission.

I shudder at the thought that Russia and their other allies might see this as an excuse for a world-wide retaliation. Such an action could also see countries such as China, North Korea and Iran using the situation to support their own military ambitions which have been festering for years.

I hate the thought of being labelled as a prophet of doom, but I fear for our country if America gets drawn into an international conflict. Because of the ANZAS Treaty, history has proven the Australia government will immediately offer our full support to assist American military actions.

Today’s technological age enables armchair rulers to fight battles with buttons which, when pushed, can wreak havoc on any pin-pointed city or strategic target in the world, with ballistic missiles and God forbid, even nuclear weapons.

Australian Cities are not defended by sophisticated weaponry, nor do we have a trained reserve capability from a National Service system to defend any invasion situation. Our coastline is extensive, often isolated and difficult to defend. Being aligned with America might not see that country physically capable of offering us much support if they and their bases around the world were simultaneously under attack.

Hopefully, none of this might happen and we can go on getting concerned about the cost of fuel and the footy results. But for those who care about our planet, I can only reiterate what our current Pope has said. “We need to pray daily for our world.”

I’m Pete and that’s faith

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