Hi! I’m Peter Mack,

This site contains short stories about everyday situations to which most readers will relate.  Some of the stories are serious, some are fun, but I hope readers will find most of the stories contain a message worth thinking about.

I first started writing them during a period in the early 80’s when I was preparing and presenting a Christian radio programme called ‘The Living Years’.  Since that time I have continued writing about different life experiences.

Most of the photos used throughout the site are my own with the exception of some ‘Clip Tips’ used for special effect.

That’s life with Pete

A series of short stories about life experiences that enable us to stop, think about, and perhaps even question, how we live our life and
what motivates us. Read more…

That’s faith with Pete

Here are some simple stories that help us think more deeply about the God of our life, death and eternity. Read more….

That’s the way it is

Short stories and poems about experiences and adventures along my life’s journey. Read more…

The Reward

A story that relates what, in my understanding, happened when one of our much loved family pets died. Read more

Humanitarian Projects International Inc.

A group of volunteers, passionate about helping vulnerable children and adults in Australia and overseas.
What we are doing and how you can help. Read more…

Uganda Project 2008

Humanitarian Projects International Inc. evolved from this project.  This was our first team of volunteers to travel overseas. Read more…