The Reward


‘The Reward’ is a story about our cat, Spook, who was given his name simply because he was white in colour.

He was born in an old car wreck from where we rescued him while still only a young, but most unkempt kitten. He became an integral part of the animal family at our little farm and we all grew to love him dearly.

After his sudden death some five years after we found him, our children asked if good animals like Spook went to heaven? I said they did and , while saying this, I decided I would try and find some evidence to support my theory.

My search led me to the Bible. I found in the Book of Genesis (9:5) where God had actually told Noah that both people and animals were to be accountable for their actions.

‘The Reward’ contains the names of some of our animal friends with whom we have had the pleasure of sharing part of our lifetime journey.

Mr Baitz was our first dog and the first of our animals to die.

Stripy was a playful pup who died as a result of a tick infection.

Chrissy was the family cow. A loveable pet Jersey who raised the four calves mentioned in the story. She died of natural causes just a few months before Spook.

It is my sincere wish that this story will enable those who love animals to believe that perhaps Heaven has been made for more than just humans.

Peter Mack

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