Travel – Speed Week Australia 2013

It’s a long way from Brisbane to the salt Lake Gairdner in South Australia.  During the trip you get to see the full gambit of Australia’s scenery from the lush tropical forests to the gibber plains and all that is in between.  Generally, the roads are good with the exception of the last 140Kms of […]

Travel – NEW ZEALAND SOUTH IS. – A pictorial essay

   CHRISTCHURCH – The beauty that was                                                             THE HIKE TO AORAKI (Mt Cook)                              THE CATLINS COASTLINE where deep, relentless forces buckle the layered land hiding bays and beaches between long, low folds of mountains.  Here rugged […]

THE REWARD Chapter 3 – Friends in High Places

  Mr Baitz looked down his wet nose at Molly and turned to Francis. “Do you wish to allow Molly the calf to be a witness for your client”? I immediately looked up and meowed a ‘yes please’ to Francis who, for the first time during this case, was looking a little uncertain about the […]

THE REWARD Chapter 2 – The Courtroom

  Having arrived inside the court, I took a moment to look around and much to my surprise there were many present whom I recognised instantly. They were friends who had passed into the next life while I was still alive on earth. It certainly made me less concerned when I saw their smiling faces […]

THE REWARD Chapter 1 – The Calling

  Was I dreaming, or did I hear the horse drawn coach approaching in the distance? I’m still not sure, but I do know I was peacefully sleeping on top of my special lookout point, high above the ground, when I must have stirred and moved. The next thing I felt was a sharp crack […]

A Hole in One

  Back in 1997 there was a certain young man whose name was on every golfer’s lips. He had spent his childhood and youth being trained by his father and when it was considered he was ready, he then entered into the public life of the professional golfing circuit. As the winner of that year’s […]

Our Number 10

It is strange how a number often becomes a part of your life It can influence you, your children and your wife. I saw it first as a child, it was way back when The number on our letterbox was a shiny big ten.   I learned of the Ten Commandments, the laws of life, […]

The Miracle of the Peanut

  I was just the size of a peanut When you first cast your eyes on me. Bobbing around inside you, Like a bottle in the sea. When God chose to bless your union, It was then I came into being. With fingers and toes and even a nose, Soon I’ll be hearing and seeing. […]

Big Mack

  I presented a Christian radio programme on radio station 4OUR in the 90’s called “The Living Years”  This poem was written by Mike Smith and can be sung to the tune of “Big John” Every Sunday at the station you could see him arrive, Stood six foot one, weighed one ninety five. Kinda broad in […]

Diary of an Ordinary Catholic

Just as the sands of time continue relentlessly to pour from our individual hour glasses of life, so too are we coming closer to having to stand before our Creator and account for our actions. Right now, throughout the whole world, there are an unprecedented number of people of varying ages and social standing who […]