The call

A story in Matthew’s Gospel tells how Jesus, after feeding those who had been listening to Him during the day, went off to pray alone. Before doing so, He put the apostles in a boat and told them he would meet them on the other side of the lake.

During the night the wind whipped up the waves to a point where those in the boat became concerned for their lives. At that time, Jesus appeared walking on the water towards them. This ghostly vision scared them all except Peter who, with faith, was prepared to take the courageous step out of the boat and go to his friend. On the way it dawned on him what was happening. The winds of doubt caused him to lose his focus and at that point he started to sink. Jesus reached out His hand, saved him and went back to the boat with him.

To me this story is about us and our lives. The lake is our universe. The boat our earth. We are the occupants in the boat – we are all in this together. The wind and the rough seas depict what is happening in our everyday lives.

It is my belief that there are numerous times during our time here on earth when, as individuals, we are called to recognise and accept God in our lives. Many don’t want to accept the unknown and rely on science to be their guide. Others of us prefer to cling to those we know and the life we have rather than plunging into the unknown.

Let us pray that when we hear the call, we will have the grace and courage to step out of the boat into the unknown, trusting the God who calls us and accept the hand Jesus offers us. For like in the Gospel story, Jesus helped Peter back into the boat and joined him there.

It gives a whole new meaning to a phrase once said to me by a door knocking bible salesperson, ‘Have you been saved.’

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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