The Realisation

  For the past few years we have been making regular visits to our little getaway shack in the mountains. It is a tranquil place in the bush which gives us the opportunity to escape from our suburban existence, commune with nature and recharge our personal batteries. Recently, while sitting on an old car seat […]


  Kids always think parents worry too much. They never see the problems that they have to face in the same way as their parents. It seems parents are pretty much the same all over the world. So parents, take heart – you’re not the only ones out there worrying about your children. Kids! It […]


Some people’s lives are filled with excitement and constant activity. Other people find themselves waiting between emergency calls or for the tide to change, for the pot to boil or for a doctor to arrive. Waiting is an important part of our life. Our bodies need to wait in sleep in order to regenerate our […]


Just as there are no two leaves or flowers alike throughout the world, there are no two people alike. Everyone is a unique person with personality and temperament different from anyone else. Physical characteristics differ between people and races and there are not two sets of fingerprints the same. Because we’re human, we sometimes try […]

Unconditional Love

  Mums and Dads probably never really understand love until they’ve survived their kids’ progress through adolescence. What do you say when your daughter with long blonde hair arrives home one day with a haircut that has left her with a ragged clump on top flanked by bald edges? Oh! by the way, the right […]


Twilight – The name has a certain magic ring about it. It’s that short transition period of each day that divides the light of our day from the dark of the night. Artists, poets and photographers down through the ages have been captivated by this period of our day and have made many attempts to […]


Most of us love to travel and with tourism being the world’s largest industry, it is no wonder so many visitors come to our country. Meanwhile on the home front some Aussies restrict their movements to seeing the wonders of Australia, while others satisfy their wanderlust by overseas trips to all parts of the world. […]


  The lift jerked twice, then stopped somewhere between Floors 17 and 18. The interior light flickered, dimmed and went out. I was alone in the blackness. I’d often thought about what it might be like to be stuck in a lift, now I was experiencing it. In the dark, all the buttons on the […]


  There was a song around in the 80’s called “Touch”. The rock group who perform it, “Noiseworks”, exert a lot of energy in calling on the listener to ‘reach out and touch somebody’, as if it’s the most important thing you can do for one another. We can touch others by our kindness and […]


  As people’s lives change and they choose to move from one State or Country to another, they often find themselves daydreaming about what life was like where they used to live in earlier years. It seems inherent in our natures that we want to return to our beginnings on a nostalgia trip to once […]