Christmas in Australia

The concept of a white Christmas, snowmen and blazing fireplaces, is really quite foreign to Australians. Yet, in maintaining a tradition, Santa Claus and his helpers still swelter in heavy clobber and must come complete with boots, beard and padded midriff bulges.

The birth of a baby in a stable outside a little town called Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, is the real reason for Christmas. The peace surrounding the stable on that historic night is still felt by many throughout the world.

However, the message, “Peace on earth, good will to all people”, isn’t accepted universally. There are those around our world suffering in strife torn areas. There are the homeless, the hungry and the poor. Also, among us, are those whose greed for power and possessions, leave a trail of broken people in their wake.

Even though we might celebrate Christmas a little differently in this ‘lucky country’, we should find time to spare a thought for those less fortunate in other parts of the world.

Maybe we can share some of our own ‘peace and goodwill’ with Aussie battlers in our own towns and cities who are reaching out, just as the baby in the stable reached out on that first Christmas, seeking to be recognised and longing to be loved.

Let’s try and spread our greetings a little wider this year.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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