P1080152Until we experience the loss of someone very near and dear to us, its impossible to know the pain, anguish and feelings of sheer desolation that surround you during the grieving period.

For a while, you can even long for death to engulf you, as life appears empty and without purpose. It’s hard to pray with any fervour, because our God seems so far away from us. We often get angry with Him and even blame Him for what has happened.

It’s at these times when being a friend can mean just being there, listening and supporting each other.

Reaching out to others in need, can often simply mean just giving up some of our personal time to be with them and care for them.

A friends presence alone, often without even the need for words, can be a powerful means of support and encouragement.

Let’s make sure we are always there for each other in times of need. Having a friend’s shoulder to lean on, and even cry on, can help alleviate much of the pain.

Peter Mack.

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