As we know, a country can experience severe financial difficulties if the value of its imports greatly exceeds its exports.

For years we’ve been urged to buy Australian Made, not just to ensure a healthy balance of payments, but to support our local industries and keep Australians in jobs.

Yet traditionally, Australians have been most critical of our own music industry and the records released by Aussie artists.

Overseas, money and marketing techniques have the ability to create stars, virtually overnight. Whereas the singing Aussie battler waiting to be discovered, has often gone hungry between one night stands in country pubs.

We should be proud of our ‘homegrown’ artists and be conscious that our survival as a Nation depends on us supporting each other.

For every Guy Sebastian and Slim Dusty, there are many other Australian artists hoping we will buy their new releases rather than the ‘one hit wonders’ from what are often overseas, overnight stars.

There are many Aussies with talent equal to or better than that of their overseas counterparts. However, it is difficult to be accepted in other countries if you can’t first be accepted in your own.

Peter Mack.

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