For many people photographs aren’t just pictures – they’re precious memories.

Pulling out the family photo album to relive the events of the past is usually accompanied by groans from the younger members of the family.

To them, looking at the width of their father’s tie, the way their mother wore her hair and their own antics as a baby in the bath, often seems painfully embarrassing.

I guess we felt the same as kids, but as we get older these moments of history carry a lot more meaning. Looking at old family photos is a bit like opening up a folder, the cover of which, carries the gold-plated inscription “This is your life”.

Today, in our paperless society, our photos are stored on our telephones, laptops and in ‘the cloud’. It is important we ensure we have back-up storage for what, in the future will become the source of our reviewing of our life’s adventures and the maintenance of our family history.

In the future, when we find the time to once more relive our precious memories of today, let’s try and ensure that what we’ve done today, will bring us pleasure and not pain.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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