Most of us love to travel and with tourism being the world’s largest industry, it’s no wonder so many visitors come to our country.

Meanwhile on the home front, some would prefer to restrict their movements to seeing Australia. In this country we have such an amazing diverse variety of scenic wonders to explore and many locations to enjoy some serious adventurous holidays.

Other Aussies satisfy their wanderlust by overseas trips to all parts of the world to relive history, actually visit those advertised picture-postcard places or just laze about on board a ship travelling to exotic ports.

Experience has shown that we all need to be careful with our personal approach to cleanliness. We constantly need to be aware that should we contract an illness while away from this country it can cause much hardship and ruin our longed for holiday.

The urge to explore seems inbuilt in our nature, from our early crawling days when we ventured from room to room, to the dream holiday we often plan for the future.

It is often been said our life is a journey. If this is so, then we are all explorers searching the unknown, each looking for our best pathway through life.

If then, we are all on a journey, perhaps we should resolve, not only to enjoy the trip, but to help our fellow travellers enjoy themselves as well.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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