The shadow from the son

It is easier to be aware of our shadow when the sun is low on the horizon. No matter what we do, it will mimic our actions.  But at all times you will notice it stays attached to our bodies.

Is it possible to imagine that our shadow could be the Son of God?  Jesus did promise ‘never to abandon us and to be with us at all times.’ Could our shadow be reminding us of the presence of Jesus in our life?

Ah! but there are times when we cannot see our shadow. Does this mean that Jesus has left us and the whole shadow idea is just a myth?

No! my friends. When we cannot see our shadow, we will find Jesus shining within our beating heart, longing for recognition. As we reach in to Him, the shadow from the Son will embrace us with His love.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s how I feel.

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