Over recent years the role of grandparents has changed, as we often see them being called to assist their working children. Today, many parents are required to both work, as an economic necessity. The cost of using childcare centres five days a week can seriously eat into weekly earnings. 

Grandparent’s and adoptive grandparent’s level of assistance varies. It can include babysitting, pre-school child minding, school plck-ups and after-school care, sleepovers, attending sports activities plus the constant need to fulfil hunger claims.

Most grandparents have the time to nurture, love, share, teach and play with their grandkids. While they generally enjoy their role, at times it can be tiring keeping up with the younger ones. However, there is no doubt that with regular contact grandparents can have a positive effect on the emotional development of their grandchildren and generally form a beautiful lasting and loving relationship.

Trusting relationships are formed as children learn that when they are with their grandparents more relaxed behavioural boundaries tend to exist except when it comes to manners and respect.

Interestingly enough, being with young children can have a positive effect on grandparent’s own lives. Thoughts of a quiet retirement fade as their youthfulness is once more revived and life becomes more joyful and meaningful.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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