The Trinity Love Company

It is rumoured that Saint Augustine, when asked to define the Holy Trinity, used an example of a small child attempting to transfer the whole ocean to a small bucket with a spoon. Such was the enormity of attempting to understand the Trinity.

Yet a simple organisation chart based on modern management techniques might well make this ‘mystery’ a little easier to understand.

But first, there are a few basic areas that need defining and a few generally accepted theories that need explanation. GOD – The Source of all Goodness – Always was – Is – Always will be. To emphasise this point, on the chart GOD is surrounded by a ring which has no defined beginning and no end.

If we look at Genesis 1:26 where God was in the process of making the world then it is interesting to note “God said, ‘Let US make man in OUR own image, in the likeness of OURSELVES’”.

It is my belief God was speaking as part of the Trinity which accounts for the plural use of ‘us’ and ‘ourselves’. Thus, the Trinity existed before ever this world existed. There is no reference to how, or if, the Trinity actually had a beginning. Hence, my understanding is that God ‘always was’.

So, let’s refer to GOD – The Source of all Goodness, overall, as a ‘Love Company’, for want of a better title. And that organisation has three equal managerial components who together form the nucleus of the Trinity Love Company.

There is the Manager (Engineering and Science) responsible for creation and the dispersing of love and forgiveness, referred to as ‘The Father’

There is the Manager (Human Resources) responsible for training, redemption and trust, referred to as ‘The Word’ or by His human name of ‘Jesus’.

There is the Manager (Operations) responsible for ongoing maintenance and support referred to as ‘The Holy Spirit.

The combination of the three managers work directly through you and me and support us in possessing Faith and Grace, Belief and Hope. For our part we are required to contribute Love and Caring, Good Works and Prayer.

The Trinity Love Company’s general office work is conducted by Guardian Angels who, by virtue of their name, also have the security role. Individual appointees were selected for each one of us at our birth

Guardian Angels are also responsible for securing the connection with other Saints with whom we wish to relate at a specific time or for a specific purpose. There are direct lines to Mary and others we might require on a regular basis, such as St Anthony, when we lose things, St Joseph when we need assistance with our work and other family member Saints who are well versed in our specific needs.

One of the major hurdles the Company constantly must face in its day-to-day operations is that each of us has been given a free will to make our own decisions that affect ourselves and our lives. But we also have been given a ‘conscience’ so we each can determine the difference between good and evil.

Sadly, some of us don’t always give the Trinity Love Company the recognition it deserves. Some prefer to operate their own salvation show, but quite often reach out to the Company when their own connections abandon them.

It certainly is a busy Love Company and amazingly all aspects of the operation are available to each one of us at any time of the day or night. The Managers and staff are always willing to assist us upon request.

So, let’s ensure we constantly keep the Company’s presence foremost in our mind and let’s not forget to always thank them for their work on our behalf.

I’m Peter mack and that’s how I feel.

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