Electrical appliances

As you walk through the front door of your local appliance retailer, there are row upon row of electrical appliances before your eyes. They sit, shiny and new, waiting for you to make your selection. Those that are not battery operated, all have one thing in common. There is an electrical lead attached to the appliance which has a 3 pin plug at the other end.

This lead, when plugged into a power source, enables the appliance to perform and provide the service for which it has been manufactured. Without being ‘plugged in’, the appliance seems of little or no value. Sure, you can turn the fan blades by hand, but you can’t receive the cool air that emanates from an electric fan when it is in full operation. Similarly, you can roll a circular saw blade across some wood and all you get are teeth marks in the wood.

If you were to unravel the insulated material from the power lead on these appliances you generally find three wires encased in different coloured insulation. While the colours of these do tend to vary from country to country, there is an accepted colour combination which indicates the wire’s purpose. The blue and brown wires provide the electrical circuit and the green wire is called the earth.

If we were to see ourselves as an electrical appliance, then to obtain our full potential in our life and operate as our maker intended, we would need to be ‘plugged in’ to a power source. Of course, without a power source, we could perform, but like the fan, we would be restricted by the strength of our own power to achieve.

If we could imagine our arm as an electrical lead containing the three wires necessary for a connection to our power source, then the blue wire could be seen as our heavenly Father in the blue of the heavens above in the creation workshop. The brown would be the Holy Spirit, whose job it is to breathe life into the Father’s creations and the green wire would be the Son, whose role was to come to our earth and show us the way to the Father.

Our fingers would be the 3 pin plug which connects to the power supply provided by the hand of our God reaching out for us to make the physical connection.

No longer would we need to languish on the shelf of life, gathering dust and offering what, to many, could only be seen as a restricted personal contribution to society, based on our own egotistical power supply. At best, our existence might only be classified as having minimal intrinsic value, due to our concentration on self-fulfillment and a strong desire for personal power and riches.

By ensuring we check our connection daily with our God, we could become the dynamic electrical appliance for which we were meant to be by our maker. We would put other’s needs before our own. We would choose love rather than hate, revenge and self-indulgence. In addition, we would have available to us a lifetime service warranty should we develop connection problems, with any necessary repairs being provided free of charge.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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