9. Spirit world

He knew that all Christians had to believe in the spirit world. He was baptised as a baby and had been made aware as he grew that he had received the Holy Ghost (Spirit). We are told in scripture that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit at His Baptism.

As he became older and wiser, he asked himself why then should we refer to God as being ‘three persons’. There is no doubt that Jesus was a person. Yet, after the Resurrection we read how He appeared to people and disappeared. He appeared in locked rooms and disappeared. A person cannot do these things. Jesus had returned as Spirit.

He thought how fortunate for humanity that Jesus had become one of us. He realised that Jesus had proved to us through His humanness that He could only love us and that He was prepared to suffer and die that we might fully understand the love our God has for us.

It seemed to make sense to him that because God was a Spirit then that was why His God could be with him and at the same time, be with every other person in the world who sort the presence of a loving God in their lives. 

He smiled to himself as he thought how we as humans like to put things into compartments that all fit comfortably together. Hence the concept of The Trinity. There is no doubt that scripture defines for us separate roles our God possesses. The Father is seen as the ‘Creator of all things.’ The Son is our ‘Redeemer’ and the Holy Spirt is given the name of ‘Helper.’ How they work together in spiritual unison will probably remain a secret until we eventually come face to face with The Father in heaven.

He realised by asking the Holy Spirit to help him get to know Jesus better, he would get a better understanding of the person who had said that He and The Father are one. He remembered how Jesus had also asked The Father to make us one with Him so we could become one with The Father also.

He certainly felt more comfortable being in the presence of his loving God. It allowed him to trust more strongly than ever that Jesus would be with him loving and supporting him as his journey forward took him another day closer to the time when all would be revealed. Until then, he just wanted to become the bloke he had been created to be.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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