6. Awareness

While he tried hard to maintain a non-judgemental attitude towards others, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. As various situations arose in his day, his mind would immediately go into judgemental mode. However, he was schooling himself to firstly consider what he thought the response might have been from Jesus, before openly commenting.

This procedure tended to make him more aware of the people around him and he realised this was pointing towards another personal failing that needed some work.

Some might not see it as a failing, but when he had set himself a task, he attempted to complete it the best way he could, sometimes quite oblivious to other things happening around him. It always felt good to finish a task knowing that it was completed successfully. Also, it was good for his ego to be praised for a job well done.

For him to have a successful outcome, it could be said he had used the gifts God had given him to the best of his ability. And rightly so!  But where he felt he had a problem was that he ignored anyone with whom he came in contact who had nothing to do with the task he was in the process of completing.

His life experience had taught him that everyone you meet or pass on the street was internally suffering some form of trauma. It may not be evident on their features, but they may be facing a relationship problem, or have kids that have gone astray. There might be a serious illness in the family or they may be grieving a personal loss. Whatever the problem might be, he knew it was generally hidden from public view.

Jesus was aware of the presence of those around Him. In a crowded situation He even felt a woman touch the hem of his cloak. How then, would Jesus react in today’s society?

Perhaps a smile for a passer bye, a kind word and some thanks for someone providing some service and the offer of assistance where it was required. He felt this would be the form of love that Jesus would provide.

He looked at how often he shied away from helping with domestic tasks, generally finding excuses to absent himself. He resolved to become more aware of the needs of his family and those around him and less of what he saw as his own needs. Although tired, Jesus still invited the children to come to Him. Like Jesus, he felt he needed to be more aware of those around him.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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