Colour my world

The Bible tells us how God the Father created our world and how the Holy Spirit breathed life into the Father’s creation. However, the way I see it, there might have been an intervening process that doesn’t get a mention in scripture.

God had lots of angels flapping their wings around heaven with not a lot to do, so He got a few of his more talented angels together and gave them a few samples of what He proposed to create. He asked that they might use their skills to add what they would consider to be appropriate colours that would enhance His creations.

To help complete their task God gave them the three primary colours; Yellow, Magenta and Cyan and the angels set about the task of colouring the samples God had given them.

Upon completion of their suggested coloured versions, they took them to The Father and waited in anticipation for His response. The Father was so impressed he told the angels:

“Oh, you can colour my world with sunshine yellow each day!
Oh, you can colour my world with happiness all the way!
Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above!
And if you colour my world just paint it with your love!
Just colour my world.”

The Father made a note to give these words to a pair of song writers he would create in the future to enable this decision to be remembered forever. And so, Jacki Trent and Tony Hatch wrote the song ‘Colour My World’ which became a big hit for singer Petula Clark in 1966.

The angels were so excited The Father approved of their work and made plans to continue colouring His creations. They established a whole new ‘Colour My World’ industry which enhanced creation.

The littlest angels loved colouring in, so they got involved and enjoyed splashing vivid colours onto their subjects. Other angels were appointed to blend and mix colours together, while others ensured everything God created was unique in different ways.

God was happy with creation, so he sat back and rested.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s (imaginative) faith.

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