4. The reality

Like many projects he had taken on during his life, he approached this daily walk with God with much enthusiasm. And like many other projects it didn’t take long for reality to set in and he started to become more aware of the enormity of what he was attempting.

He questioned his capacity to achieve what was obviously a more complex project than he had first envisaged. He realised how stupid he must be to assume he could even become faintly like Jesus. As for trying to understand the mind of God? What was he thinking?

His grandiose ideas of living the rest of his life as an integral part of the Holy Trinity stopped him in his tracks. Who the heck did he think he was? He said to himself.

It was then he felt a gentle tug on the hand he had given to Jesus to hold that morning. He bowed his head. He was questioning how he could possibly have imagined his God would want to allow him, who had offended God so often, to become part of his daily walk through life.

His humble prayer was to ask Jesus to forgive him his past indiscretions and to allow him to continue to trust that God would be in control of his life. He gently asked Jesus what he needed to do to become more like Him and the words given to the rich young man in scripture echoed in his mind. “Can you drink from the cup from which I must drink?”

He looked to the heavens knowing the difficulty of what was being asked of him. He responded, ‘Lord, I don’t think I can, but with your help I can try.’

He immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit offering him inner strength and realised that if he was to ensure he fulfilled the ‘Will of God’ he must continue in his effort to become more like Jesus. However, he felt he should review his approach to the task and attempt to perform it in a more humble, down to earth, way than his initial euphoric enthusiasm had suggested.

He thought he could make a start by concentrating on improving the way he reacted and loved those with whom he shared his day. For, as he reasoned, if God is ‘LOVE’ then that would be a good starting point for anyone wishing to emulate the character of our Saviour.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith

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