The idea of cheating is abhorred by most individuals. Yet some make their living by cheating others, claiming that cheating is okay as long as you don’t get caught.

Cheating the Taxation Department seems to have become a National game and only paying fares on public transport when you are forced to do so, is a common practice.

All of us are tempted at times to cheat by lying and stealing, or as an opportunity to be seen by others as someone better than we really are.

The old saying that cheats never prosper usually proves true. For, in the long run, if we cheat we’ll be fooling only ourselves.

Being tempted to cheat is a normal part of living, but giving into the cheating temptation, shows the type of character we are developing for ourselves.

Let’s be truthful in our dealings with others and ensure we look first at ourselves and our own habits, before we get too vocal about those around us who have been caught cheating.

Peter Mack.

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