Fathers day card

When our maker created Fathers, I’m sure during the manufacturing process the important role mapped out for Dads was high on the list.

Well! someone has to be around to look after Mums and kids, push the trolley at supermarkets, mend the pushbikes and pay for the neighbour’s broken window through which no one seemed to know who kicked the football.

As kids grow up, dads have a continuing role to maintain. They need to be available to support and assist their kids when they are confronted with adult decisions where dad’s experience and wisdom is required. Dads often become grandparents and helping to raise grandkids can be a whole new exciting experience.

Sometimes Dads can get grumpy when they are tired and the rock music emanating out of the wi fi  just happens to be loud enough to be heard by half the world.

Dads who are serious about their role will try and ensure their kids are respectful of others, understand the necessity for discipline and learn to communicate effectively.  Screen time must be controlled and pre-set family rules adhered to, irrespective of how important it might be to maintain relationships with school friends using text messaging.

But behind the often worried face of every Dad lies a heart that wants only good things for his kids.  Behind the rough exterior you generally find kindness, gentleness and a barrel full of tears that might be hidden from the world, but is there nevertheless.

One thing on which most Dads tend to agree is that it is important to always try and be around for their kids.  For all their faults and occasional grumpiness, Dads, irrespective of their age, should still be very special in all our lives and it is nice to tell them that occasionally.

Today would be a good day!

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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