Just as the incoming tide washes clean the sandy shore, so dawn arrives, heralding a new day.  A day which represents a new awakening and calls on us to cast aside the worries and problems of yesterday, so we can more readily concentrate on making the most of today.

As we wake each morning, perhaps take a few moments to realise we have been gifted with another day in our life. We live here in, what has to be the best country in the world and maybe we could even spare a thought for those in our world less fortunate than ourselves.

No matter how we might try, we can never relive the yesterdays in our life, but we can certainly learn from them.

Neither can we predict with any certainty the happenings in our tomorrows, so getting anxious in advance will only cause us to worry and even suffer mental and physical pain.

Let’s concentrate on today and the moment which is now and use it wisely, for we will never possess this moment again.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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