Seasonal Killings


Christmas treeChristmas is the season for peace on earth and good will toward each other. Unfortunately, we often tend to forget about those other areas of creation we refer to as ‘animals’ and ‘things’.

Our pets still need looking after even though we might be going away on holidays without them. Just leaving a pile of dried dog food by the back door will not ensure fido gets a feed every night, or a drink during the heat of the day.

If we listen carefully around Christmas time, we can hear the plaintive cry of trees being chopped down to be placed in homes around the world. They are put in pots, festooned with lights and decorated with coloured balls and imitation snow.

Because of their youth, the little trees usually survive their death sentence until after Christmas, then they join the junk at the local tip.

Our future may well prove that with every tree we sacrifice we could well be slowly killing our planet.

Let’s look after the interests of our kid’s and our pet’s future.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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