R001-033Kids always think parents worry too much. They never see the problems that they have to face in the same way as their parents.

It seems parents are pretty much the same all over the world. So parents, take heart – you’re not the only ones out there worrying about your children.

Kids! It looks like the problem is universal. Whether you realise it or not, you’ll probably grow up having the same types of worries about your kids, as your parents have about you.

However, with all our worry and anxiety, we must learn to be careful. Worrying can make us ill and reduce our effectiveness as parents.

Maybe we need to trust our kids a bit more. Sure they will make mistakes – didn’t we when we were their age. But if we have instilled in our children the values we believe to be right, then they will remember these when it comes to decision time.

Worry can cloud our minds and seriously affect our ability to react in a positive way when the problems we’ve been worrying about call for some clear thinking decisions.

If we tend to worry about situations before they even happen then we are the ones with the problem, not the kids.

Peter Mack.

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