A few days alone on an island. This was a dream I have had since, when as a boy, I read the story of Robinson Crusoe.

The Australian tropical bush was here behind me. The bent coconut palms edged the golden sand along the beach and the clean turquoise sea extended out to the edge of the offshore reef where it met a cloudless sky.

Yes! I was alone, but in reality, this was far from the truth.

Birds glided overhead squawking among themselves, possibly discussing whether this invader of their territory was friend or foe.

The industrious sand crabs, busily cleaning up after the ebbing of the tide, seemed unconcerned by the foreign footprints around their homes.

Three dolphins ducked and weaved as they played together in the deeper water and on a distant hill, I could see a family of wild goats negotiating the rocky outcrops in their search for lunch.

Later, when the summer rainstorm poured its refreshing wetness on the island, I enjoyed being saturated and raised my dripping head to heaven in thanks.

I believe we are never alone in this world. The wonders of our Creator surround us and we will be showered with blessings if we will just recognise this presence in our life.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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