Aussie Christians

As Australian Christians, we should seriously consider waking up from our complacency!

Our life is slowly eroding away and yet we keep finding excuses to keep busy.  It is as if we are frightened of what might happen to us if we were to stop and ask ourselves what our life here in Australia is really all about.

We need to cast off the apathy that abounds in this sun-drenched country of ours and realise that as Christians we all have a responsibility to take the Gospel to others.

We often feel uncomfortable, and may even find it embarrassing talking about our Faith, because it is not seen as the ‘Australian thing to do’. Religion and politics are taboo subjects at most barbecues.

Yet our mission field needs to start at home, where many of those with whom we mix don’t know or don’t care about the Jesus who loves us all.

I think we need to wake up from our lethargic approach to life now, before it’s too late.  We know we will have to account for our actions at the final judgement and there will be no one to blame for our apathy but ourselves.

Let us start in a small way by just using some of the gifts God has so generously given each of us in whatever way we can to help others others.  This way we can become responsible Christians and ensure that future generations of Australians will learn and benefit from our actions.

I think it’s time we accepted the challenge!

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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