Downcast Eyes

Jesus – what did you see when you looked down on the world from your cross?

Did you see beyond the sins of those who had persecuted you to a struggling humanity trying to live out our lives according to your Commandments?

Through your pain, could you really see each one of us? Were you able to see our struggles and our attempts at being the people you created us to be?

You forgave the good thief while on your cross and you asked your Father to forgive us also. As we lift up our hearts in prayer will you promise us that we too will, someday, be in Paradise with you?

As darkness surrounded your earth and you gave up your spirit, you did so, knowing you would return in three days as you had promised. For we know that had you not risen, your suffering and death would have been futile.

Help us Lord to see beyond your cross to the wonder and glory of your Resurrection.

Help us also to understand that in looking at each one of us from your cross, even though you were suffering and close to death, you did so with a great love in your heart.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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