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Old CarTheir Dad’s old car still sits in the paddock where it decided long ago it was tired of being misused and would go into voluntary retirement.

The family of 5 kids had learnt to drive in it and many stories of adventurous youthful exploits around the farm are still told when they all come together.

The old car still maintains a special place in the family. Its operational life may well be over and what is left of the genuine leather on the seats, dry and torn. However, every dent has a memory and every scratch a story.

It is their nostalgic monument to the happy days of their childhood and they will not let their father move it, so he just mows around it. Who knows what creatures have completed their life cycle amid its rusting steel carcass.

Just like seeing their Dad’s old car brings memories flooding back for the family, so the cross outside a church allows Christians to remember the man who died for everyone on the hill of Calvary.

The old car will eventually rust away, but the cross will always be with us.

Peter Mack

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