RejuvenationIt was hot, dry and dusty in the outback. Even the mulga, pushed over so it would grow closer to the ground, had been stripped by the skinny sheep and hungry ‘roos.

Hand feeding was costing a fortune. The drought was causing hard times.

And then it broke. Rain, glorious rain!

It filled the dams and replenished the bores. It saturated the earth and converted the dry dusty countryside into a carpet of green where wildflowers bloomed.

Often life can be like a drought for us too. We can go for years, our inner self seemingly shrivelling up as in a dry sandy desert. Until someone comes along, or something happens, which allows us to experience a new lease of life.

Jesus is reaching out to us now and all we need to do is accept Him into our life and allow His love to fill our hearts. The Spirit of the Lord will then rain down on us and rejuvenate our whole being, just as the rain did in the desert.

Why should we wait for the hard times to come into our lives when we could make the decision now to soak up our God’s love.

Peter Mack

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