Picture10Some of us will look all our lives and not find it. Others set out by boat or climb high mountains in search of it.

Some think a handful of crystals, or maybe the pyramids, hold the key. While many have already given up looking for it.

If we are searching for the meaning of life, or some great guru in the sky, to solve our problems, we will soon become very disillusioned. The Beatles didn’t gain anything by their magical mystery tour to a holy man in the Himalayas and we probably wouldn’t either.

To find the meaning of life, we need to go no further than a journey within ourselves, for that is where the Spirit of Our God lives.

Our problem often seems to be that we are scared to undertake such a voyage of discovery and while our spirit might be willing, the adventure into the darkness of our inner self is perhaps a bit too daunting for many to undertake.

The trick is not to be frightened of the dark, for it is only through the darkness that surrounds us, we can see the light of our destination.

Of course we could always ask God for some help to find the courage to make the journey.

Peter Mack

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