In today’s busy world, there are so many things we say we would like to do, if only we had the time.

Yet even with all our labour and time-saving devices, it seems we still have difficulty managing our time effectively.

Maybe it frightens us a little to call a halt to our constant round of activities, in order to provide some quiet time for ourselves.

If we could only slow down the pace of our life occasionally, it might give God a chance to communicate with us.

Many might question how God can speak to us!  Why not give Him a chance, perhaps during the early morning, when all is quiet, or late at night, when we look back over our day?

Sometimes, God speaks to us through the words and actions of others or, as has happened in the past to many people, through the words of Scripture.

For a love affair to work effectively, there needs to be a two-way open communication.  Being content and at peace within ourselves will help us communicate with, and receive messages from, our loving God. But fortunately for us, He is open for communication 24/7, regardless of our situation.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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