Travel – The Summit

The SummitWe arose early and drove to the base of Mount Warning. We had allowed ourselves a few hours to climb to the top where, we had been reliably informed, the view of the sunrise was spectacular.

Because of its height and location close to the eastern most point of Australia we were going to be the first in the country to see the sunrise that morning. So, as you can imagine, we were excited at the prospect ahead of us.

It was hard going on the winding slippery track, with only torchlight to aid our progress. Along the way we saw ample evidence of the presence of the nocturnal animals who had used our track during the night in their search for food. We heard rustlings in the bush beside us as our presence disturbed the late night fossickers on their way back to their daytime sleeping quarters.

We stumbled and slipped a few times but because we were looking forward to what awaited us at the summit, we kept up a steady pace to ensure we would arrive on time.

Upon reaching our goal, we were so disappointed for we found the top of the mountain shrouded in cloud. It even started to rain and it wasn’t only our spirits that were dampened. – There was no spectacular sunrise for us that morning.

Life tends to be like that at times doesn’t it? We learn to cope with disappointments and not all our expectations can ever be realised. However, like our trip up and down the mountain, the experience and the exercise was good for us.

Peter Mack

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