Our old car used to polish up fairly well considering its age.  But there came the day when a small lump appeared under the paintwork at the bottom of the driver’s door.

We didn’t take much notice of it at first, even though the lump got bigger and seemed to be spreading.  The inevitable happened, we had to replace the whole door.  We hadn’t attended to the rust in its early stage and the problem got beyond repair.

Sometimes we deliberately refrain from trying to repair a broken friendship and before we know it, our unresolved differences can easily develop into a form of corroding rust.  Gradually, hate can fester inside us and inevitably, the original relationship can become non-existant or very toxic.

Sometimes friendships break up for very petty reasons. Each side claiming to be in the right and with no obvious chance of reconciliation. It is sad to see families come together for a special occasion and a somewhat frosty environment exists because some family members no longer associate with others in the family.

Often it’s pride that keeps us from reconciling with each other. Swallowing our pride and being prepared to attempt to heal the differences might be difficult, but it may save us from affecting the rest of our life because of the rust we carry around in our heart.  In the process, we could regain a lasting friendship, or even unite families that have been parted for many years.

Let’s endeavour to fix the ‘rust’ before it permanently wrecks our life.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.