1. The gift of life

He realised his life was a gift given to him by his creator. The miracle of birth had brought him into the world. A world prepared for human existence by a loving God.

He became an integral part of all creation. His feet stood on the soil which nourished plant and tree growth that would provide the fresh air and food that would help maintain his life.  There were birds and animals and fish in the sea given to him for his enjoyment. He had been made a steward for God’s creation.

As he grew and started reasoning for himself, he realised humans were different from all other creation. He had been given a conscience. He learned the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. He realised he could choose in which direction he allowed his life to unfold.

During his early development, he, along with the God of his life, underwent many trials as he tried to adjust to who others saw as their God within their lives. There were rules and regulations that tended to restrict the freedom within his beliefs and his understanding of just who his God might be. He was told of a righteous God whose judgement was severe on those who disobeyed his commandments and his understanding of an unconditionally   loving God became clouded and unsure.

Throughout his life he wrestled with his personal understanding of who he really was and why he was even given the gift of life. He suffered the highs and lows of his existence and believed he was in control of his own destiny. His ego enabled him to maintain what he saw as the value of his presence in society.

Progressively, he increased in knowledge and wisdom. He questioned the rules and regulations concerning the God of his life that had been infused into his mind from an early age. He wondered at the horrific way we as humans were treating each other. He came to more fully understand why Jesus was sent by the Father to save us from ourselves.

He believed in Jesus and in the messages scripture had for us. He accepted that Jesus was his only way to the Father and finally it dawned on him that the God of his creation, who had gifted him with life, was available to be as much a part of his life as he wanted Him to be.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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