2. Thy will be done

He usually started his day by rattling off the Our Father and then spent some time thinking about how his day might unfold. However, this particular day was a bit different. During the Our father he stopped at the words, ‘Thy will be done on earth.’ He could understand how The Father would not be pleased with the way many throughout the world were not abiding by Jesus’ command to love one another, but he thought to himself that maybe ‘The Father’s Will’ might well have a meaning for us as individuals.

While in control of his life, he felt that generally, he tried to do the right thing by others. Although, he had to admit that some of his egocentric decisions were often aimed at ‘looking after No.1’. But then he thought that most people do this anyway, so it can’t be too bad.  He pondered within himself, wondering whether his way of life was what The Father’s Will was for him?

He remembered that Jesus had said ‘He was the only way to The Father’ and he also remembered Jesus had said we need to become as little children if we are to make it into heaven.  Mmmm! he thought to himself, there was a time when Jesus told His disciples to let the children come to Him. So, he imagined Jesus sitting on a rock with young kids playing around Him, the air filled with the joyous sounds that only kids playing together can make.

As a young 4 or 5 year old, he saw himself walking towards Jesus when Jesus looked up and seeing him, put out his arm with an open hand towards him. While he might be imagining himself as a kid, he still had an adult brain and realised that if he was to take the hand of Jesus, he would be totally trusting this bloke to lead him through his day. Ego said, ‘don’t lose control, you’ve done OK so far.’ It was a moment of indecision for the little fellar.

He reached out and placed his hand on the hand of Jesus who held his hand throughout the day with the Holy Spirit helping him with different personal decisions. Knowing that Jesus was in control, the day seemed to hold no fears for him. He reasoned that whatever happened Jesus would guide him through. He found it certainly took the worry out of his day.

Because he was prepared to put his total trust in Jesus, he realised then that on this particular day he could only be doing the Will of The Father.

He doesn’t rattle the Our Father off any more like he used to, but he finds each morning requires a new commitment to take the hand of Jesus, because there is always his ego in the background advising him against such action.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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