A Wake

As the bow of the boat cut deep into the rolling waves, the disturbance caused foaming suds of saltwater to race along beside us until they eventually dissipated at the end of a lengthy, ever widening wake.

Watching this constant process, I thought how much this reminded me of our journey through life.

Just as time never goes backwards, so our voyage always takes us forward. Some of us are keen to explore new ways of finding our destiny. Others are happy to sit in the relative safety of life’s boat, content to watch the froth and bubble slip us by.

Maybe we need to think sometimes of the effect our individual passage through the sea of life is having on those who follow in our wake.

Irrespective of how we make the trip, let’s try in whatever way we can to ensure those who come behind us are led into the safe harbour of eternal life and not onto the rocks of eternal damnation.

Peter Mack

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