AspirationsOur social media, magazines and TV often present us with stories about the lives of famous people and how they achieved their fame.  It’s good for us to relate our efforts to others who have reached ‘the top’ in what they have done.

Their stories often follow a familiar pattern, with the achiever commencing from humble beginnings.  The constant dedication, training and the overcoming of personal hardships, culminating in them finally reaching the pinnacle of their ambition.

We can’t all be the captain of the netball team, president of the local organisation, or chairman of the board.

While many aspire to reach the top within a particular field, there will always be a need for those whose talents and abilities are more suited to accepting a supporting role.

Let us hope there will continue to be leaders among us whose first thoughts are for those they lead.  When we find such people we must ensure we provide them with the service and support they deserve, rather than follow the Aussie tendency to knock anyone in a leadership position.

On the other side of the coin, it will almost certainly be lonely at the top if the achiever’s success has been obtained purely for personal greed and power.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.