Being Famous

Being Famous

Only a few people get to be immortalised in history books or have statues honouring them mounted in public places.

The Australia Day honours list will probably never carry our names, for not everyone is destined to be famous. Our actions and abilities are probably far too modest.

But this shouldn’t deter us from recognising the importance of using the gifts and talents we have by helping others in our community.

We’re all capable of doing something for someone else and there are many organisations in our area crying out for volunteers.  We might think we have little or nothing from which others might benefit, but we at least need to be prepared to make the offer.

Contributing something positive to someone else’s day, irrespective of how small that contribution might be, can be far more beneficial and personally rewarding than having pigeons sit on our statue and do what pigeons seem to do best.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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