Pet Cemetery


CrossesThere was a back yard with a vegie patch over run with weeds I used to see each morning from the train as I travelled into the city to work.

In amongst the undergrowth, two home made white crosses at the head of small earth mounds, could clearly be discerned.

I could not help but think of the loving care that would have gone into burying the two family pets that almost certainly lay at rest beneath the two white crosses.

Anyone who has had a pet animal knows the genuine grief that occurs at the death of their pet. I am sure there are many back yards all around the world like the ones I passed going to work each morning, where pets have been laid to rest.

It is interesting how our last thought for our pets is to place a cross, the symbol of both death and life, on their burial sites.

I believe caring for our pets can often teach us the importance of loving and caring for one another.

Peter Mack.

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