Seeing Eyes

Seeing eyes 2Have you ever noticed how our eyes tend to deliver messages about our feelings. Our eyes can show whether we are happy, sad, tired, excited or just not interested in what’s happening. They can be bright and alive, cold and penetrating or even dark and mysterious.

Football fans are said to posses only one eye and after a sleepless night, our eyes can resemble road maps that need propping open with matchsticks. I am sure that keeping an eye out for someone can’t be as painful as keeping your eye on the ball or having your eyes glued to a television set.

What we choose to see, can influence who we are. If we look for the good in all those we meet we will find it, even though a lot of what we see may be bad. There is no point in ’looking down our noses’ at others or we will almost certainly trip over something on the ground.

What’s the point us reading or watching material on our DVD’s or movie screens that offers no decent education or entertainment value.

It seems it’s true, our eyes are the windows to our mind. So when it comes to a vote as to what we choose to see – the ayes (eyes) have it.

Peter Mack.

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