Life saver bag

One of the big attractions at the shows and exhibitions around the land is the excitement of discovering all the little goodies that are included in the numerous manufacturer’s sample bags.

I came across a Life-Saver bag recently.  It wasn’t the candy with the hole variety and had nothing to do with promoting the work of bronzed Aussies at the beach wearing coloured hats.

It was just a plain bag, but inside were the following items:-

A small bottle of the essence of human kindness, for me to give to others.

A gold ring of confidence, to remind me that God’s love for me has no beginning and no end – it surrounds me all the time.

A crust of bread, to feed me on my journey and remind me Jesus said that He is the bread of life.

There was a smiley badge, to help me infect the world with happiness and a book of instructions called the Bible, to show me how.

Included was a stone, to remind me the journey through life is often along a rocky road.

I also found in the bag a small container of water, to wash me clean of my wrongdoings and sustain me during the deserts in my life.

And finally, there was a free pass to Eternal Life with instructions on the back which simply read, ‘Love God and love your neighbour’.

It doesn’t matter how hard you search, you won’t find this sample bag at your local Show.  However, if you would like one, they’re free – just for the asking.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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