If you happen to look up when walking between tall buildings in the city, the size of the buildings can often make you feel physically insignificant.

Our son was always small for his age compared to other kids. So much so, he earned the nickname ‘shorty’. We wondered if he would ever catch up to his mates, or whether he was just going to be a small person.

Nowadays, ‘shorty’ is an adult. He has developed considerably both in width and height and most of his age group have to look up to him when they talk to him.

In this world physical size is really not that important. – Big doesn’t necessarily mean better. After all, a little child is far more important than a tall building.

Jesus spoke of us as being able to move a mountain if we have faith the size of a mustard seed. With just a little bit of faith David did a pretty good job on Goliath.

If we can just find it in our heart to believe in a God who loves us, we can expect huge rewards both in this life and in the next. And when we start comparing the size of people with the things of this world, let’s remember that things have a price, whereas humans have a value.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s faith.

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