A Retail Experience

It’s not often you get to meet a bloke like Dave.  He is one of those rare people you find in the retail industry who is prepared to provide a service to customers that could be considered well and truly above the norm.

 We had decided to get away for a few days and camp in a bush setting just outside a little country town.  The site was ideal and all went well until evening when we found our gas lantern would only produce an orange glow instead of its usual bright light.

 Like all good campers we carried a spare, but to our surprise this produced a similar effect.  Testing proved the gas cylinders were working fine so we were left to enjoy the evening lit only by the flickering of the camp fire.  While this was romantic, a stronger light would have been usefull in trying to find a thing or two.

 The next morning we took our lamps into town to see if there was any way of returning them to their original operational brilliance.  It was at the small hardware store we met Dave.

  He listened to our little saga and took us out to his storeroom which doubled as a workshop and staff lunch room.  He removed the little jets which had become clogged and for the next half hour he poked and prodded, blew and sucked, in order to clear these very fine gas inlets.

 He explained how he had experienced a similar situation while camping and was only too pleased to try and resolve our problem.

 Dave would accept no payment for his work and was genuinely happy just to have helped us.

Outwardly, I can’t see how, in this small country town, Dave will ever receive the riches of his big city hardware counterparts.  But, inwardly, I believe Dave has a heart of gold.

 I’m Peter Mack and that’s the way it is.

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