Blank Faces

P1080280So often we travel around, that deeply intent on our own thoughts and actions we are completely oblivious of others we meet, sit beside or pass in the street.

A train carriage full of people, all unknown to each other, provides a sea of blank faces and an air of neutrality.

Are we really intruding into others privacy if we smile at someone and say, hello!

There are so many important things happening in the world around us today, yet we are often only interested in our own concerns. We walk around with a glum face, dark thoughts and an obvious lack of interest for anyone else.

A little child will close it’s eyes when it wants to hide from mum and dad. An ostrich will bury it’s head in the ground to escape danger. We just disappear into the self pity of our own inner world.

Perhaps we could learn to smile a bit more than we do. You never know, someone might even smile back.

Peter Mack.

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There is an event in many of our lives that has brought tears to even the most hardened male eye.  That has caused the tough manly frame to collapse in a faint and has heard the strongest non-believer cry, miracle!

A child is being born somewhere in the world every minute of our day, but until we experience the birth of a baby, it’s sometimes difficult to even start to fully comprehend the mystery of creation.

Mothers are given the honour and privilege of nurturing the unborn child within the safety of their own bodies.  During this time they need the care and support of their partners, particularly around the time of the birth.

Being close to your loved one is important during these special times and sharing together the miracle of birth can be an experience never forgotten.

Fellas! we need to be around at these times.  Our role may well be minor, but our presence can often be a great support at the birthing stage.

Let’s see it as our responsibility to be a part of what we helped create. There’ll be lots of time later for the cigars and the celebrations.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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Being Famous

Being Famous

Only a few people get to be immortalised in history books or have statues honouring them mounted in public places.

The Australia Day honours list will probably never carry our names, for not everyone is destined to be famous. Our actions and abilities are probably far too modest.

But this shouldn’t deter us from recognising the importance of using the gifts and talents we have by helping others in our community.

We’re all capable of doing something for someone else and there are many organisations in our area crying out for volunteers.  We might think we have little or nothing from which others might benefit, but we at least need to be prepared to make the offer.

Contributing something positive to someone else’s day, irrespective of how small that contribution might be, can be far more beneficial and personally rewarding than having pigeons sit on our statue and do what pigeons seem to do best.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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The young boy awoke early. The first rays of early morning light were just penetrating his bedroom. He arose, already excited, for today was his 10th Birthday.

He made his way to his Mum and Dad’s bedroom hoping, even willing them to be awake. They heard him coming. It’s difficult for any excited 10 year old to walk through a house without knocking or banging something.

His parents waited in silence for him to come into the room. They then turned on the light and wished him a happy birthday. The boy looked beyond his Mum and Dad to the gleaming new push bike beside the bed. His eyes were wide open with excitement as he exclaimed – “What a beauty”!

For many of us, beauty is still often restricted to what we can see and experience in life. Yet to find the real beauty in a person, we must look beyond the outer skin they present the world, to what lies within.

Maybe we could occasionally have a look at our own inner selves and question to what degree our own understanding of beauty goes deeper than what we see in a shiny new bike.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life

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A Wake

As the bow of the boat cut deep into the rolling waves, the disturbance caused foaming suds of saltwater to race along beside us until they eventually dissipated at the end of a lengthy, ever widening wake.

Watching this constant process, I thought how much this reminded me of our journey through life.

Just as time never goes backwards, so our voyage always takes us forward. Some of us are keen to explore new ways of finding our destiny. Others are happy to sit in the relative safety of life’s boat, content to watch the froth and bubble slip us by.

Maybe we need to think sometimes of the effect our individual passage through the sea of life is having on those who follow in our wake.

Irrespective of how we make the trip, let’s try in whatever way we can to ensure those who come behind us are led into the safe harbour of eternal life and not onto the rocks of eternal damnation.

Peter Mack

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It always concerns me to see people riding push bikes through red lights.  It is even more concerning, seeing them riding without lights after dark or without helmets.

I can’t help but feel these people are deliberately rebelling against authority.  They know they’re breaking the law. They don’t seem to care or show respect for the authority that in reality, is trying to protect them from harm.

I wonder, as parents, whether we are providing adequate guidance and example for our youngsters.

When parents get complacent about issues such as these, then kids will feel they can get away with breaking the law.  This only encourages them to reject authority within other areas of their lives which, in some circumstances, could well put their lives at risk.

As parents, we need to look closely at our own actions and attitudes towards authority.

From their youngest days, our kids will be influenced by the way we do things.  If we show we don’t care or we think it’s smart to break the law, so will our kids.

Maybe we should think more about how our actions affect our kids attitudes, particularly the way in which WE show respect for authority.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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AspirationsOur social media, magazines and TV often present us with stories about the lives of famous people and how they achieved their fame.  It’s good for us to relate our efforts to others who have reached ‘the top’ in what they have done.

Their stories often follow a familiar pattern, with the achiever commencing from humble beginnings.  The constant dedication, training and the overcoming of personal hardships, culminating in them finally reaching the pinnacle of their ambition.

We can’t all be the captain of the netball team, president of the local organisation, or chairman of the board.

While many aspire to reach the top within a particular field, there will always be a need for those whose talents and abilities are more suited to accepting a supporting role.

Let us hope there will continue to be leaders among us whose first thoughts are for those they lead.  When we find such people we must ensure we provide them with the service and support they deserve, rather than follow the Aussie tendency to knock anyone in a leadership position.

On the other side of the coin, it will almost certainly be lonely at the top if the achiever’s success has been obtained purely for personal greed and power.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.


Watching artists paint pictures is always an interesting pastime for me.  I muse at their ability and compare it mentally to my own efforts with the paint brush.

Their mountains seem real, their people alive, whereas my attempt at a similar subject would produce wavy green hills, stick people and a sun with a face and a spikey haircut.

While artisans endeavour to recreate what they see and feel for a subject, we shouldn’t be discouraged because we don’t appear to be talented in similar ways.

If we attempt to perform our best at whatever we do, we too can obtain the same inner feelings of satisfaction the artist has, following the completion of a successful project.

Our individual personalities allow us to project who we are onto the canvas of our lives.

Let’s ensure the images we present to others are of ourselves and not someone else we’re trying to imitate.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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 Sometimes it would be so easy to give up on some of our adolescent kids.  They can often be self-centred, anti social, ungrateful and downright rude – to name but a few of the more mentionable words expressed by some parents.

It’s difficult to compare adolescent periods over different generations, as the numerous pressures placed on children of this age by society are constantly varying.

Along with all the physical and mental changes our adolescents undergo, they are also under considerable pressure from their own peer groups.

Our responsibility as parents doesn’t cease when our children become old enough to make their own decisions.  We must always remember, the heart that beats within the rebel adolescent also contains the moral and social values, we as parents, have given them over the years.

While their adolescent period might well be as frustrating for parents as it is for them, we must continue to love and support them through the good times and the hard times.  It’s during this time of turmoil in their lives kids are learning from us, not their peers, what the real meaning of life and unconditional love is all about. 

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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A friend

Sometimes life deals us some tough blows which can cause us considerable pain.

 Often we feel we have to face the music alone, as no one around would be really interested in our problems, simply, because most people have got problems of their own.

We all need at least one good friend. 

Someone we trust.

Someone who will listen, while we unload our worries off our chest.

Someone who won’t blab our innermost secrets around the neighbourhood.

Someone who probably can’t solve our problems, but who cares enough to share our concerns.

If we’ve got that type of friend, we are fortunate indeed.  If we don’t, then it’s time we did something about developing the type of relationship that will allow us to have a real friend.

Because, there’s no doubt it can be tough if we try and go it alone in this life.

It’s been said,  ‘To have a friend, we first need to be a friend’.  So there’s a starting point for us. Let’s resolve to do something about it.

I’m Peter Mack and that’s life.

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